4 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Family Dentist

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Are you looking for a family dentist? Read on to learn what questions you should ask before selecting a family dentist. A consultation visit with a family dentist offers a way to learn more about the dental practice you are considering and see if they and their dental team are a good fit for what your family needs. To get the most out of the consultation, it is helpful to compile a list of questions to ask before you go in.

4 Family dentist FAQs

Family dentists encourage prospective patients to ask as many questions as they desire during a consultation. This can help the patient feel comfortable before any treatments begin. The following are several questions to ask during the consultation to get a better feel for whether or not the family dentist is the right fit.

1. What services do you offer?

A primary benefit of seeing a family dentist is that they generally offer a range of services. However, it is still important to ensure they offer the services that you need or are most interested in receiving. For example, if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, then you may want to ensure the family dentist offers professional, in-office teeth whitening.

2. Do you offer services for children?

Most family dentists offer services that are primarily used for children, such as dental sealants. However, if you have children, then it can help to ensure they offer services that meet your child’s needs. To give another example, some patients are interested in orthodontic care for their children, and choosing a family dentist that offers early orthodontic care may be important.

3. How long has your practice been established?

Having many years of experience does not necessarily mean the family dentist is good at their job and right for your family, but it is a good sign. The ability to maintain a practice with good reviews generally means your family will also have a good overall experience. Regardless of how much it factors into your final decision, simply understanding the history of the dental practice can be helpful in getting a better sense of whether or not they are a good fit for you.

4. How busy is your practice?

Some dental practices, especially many that are well known in the area and have good reviews, are at or are close to maximum capacity as far as the number of patients they are able to see. This can lead to long wait times for visits, an inability to schedule necessary visits in a timely manner, and limited availability for emergency dental situations. Therefore, it is important to check how busy the practice currently is to simply ensure that they are not consistently overbooked.

Additional tips for choosing a family dentist

Here are several additional tips to keep in mind and consider when choosing a family dentist for you and your family:

Consider your family’s needs and preferences

Every family dentist offers their own set of services. Additionally, some family dentists may offer a more kid-friendly environment, among other specific considerations that should factor into your decision when choosing a family dentist. In other words, consider the right dentist for your family, which may not be the same as the best option for someone else.

Consider the location of the family dentist’s office

The location of the dentistry practice is also important to determine. A less convenient location can make it more difficult to keep your scheduled appointments. In general, a dentist's office that is close to your home, work, or child’s school is recommended.

Consider the family dentist’s office hours

Some dentists work non-traditional hours as well, such as working on the weekends, not working on Mondays, or not working past noon on Fridays. It can help to learn about the hours of each practice you are considering before making your final decision.

Schedule a consultation before choosing your family dentist

Last but not least, be sure to schedule a consultation visit and meet with the dentist and their staff in person before treatment to ensure they are a good fit for your family’s dental needs and preferences.

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