What Is a Smile Makeover?

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You may have heard of a smile makeover before, but you may not know what it means. If your smile could use some attention, then you may be interested in a smile makeover. There are many processes involved in this procedure. Read on to learn more about a smile makeover.

Getting a smile makeover

A full smile makeover involves a comprehensive dentistry approach. This combines a number of different tooth-replacement and restorative options. This can help the patient have a beautiful smile that functions well. The first step in a smile makeover will involve an oral evaluation. This can help a cosmetic dentist identify if the patient has any oral health conditions that could prevent treatment. Some conditions include:

  • Gum disease
  • Decay
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Infection

Each of these issues can be treated. However, a smile makeover should not start before these issues have been treated. For example, if a patient has gum disease, dental implants would not be a good idea. Infected gums could cause the implants to fail. In the same way, crowns should not be placed over decayed teeth.

Once the patient is healthy, however, the smile makeover treatments can begin. First, the patient will tell the dentist what they want to achieve with the smile makeover. This may include covering unsightly teeth, fixing gaps between the teeth, or a combination of issues. This will allow the dentist to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for the patient.

Patients may want to get teeth whitening before the makeover begins. Restorations such as crowns and veneers do not whiten the same way natural teeth do. Teeth whitening can remove dark areas and stains. Then the restorations can be matched to the new tooth color.

Types of smile makeover treatments

A very common part of smile makeovers is porcelain veneers. Veneers can change the shape, color, size, and overall appearance of a patient’s teeth. Veneers are usually placed only on the visible front portion of the teeth. They look like the patient’s natural teeth and can cover years’ worth of wear and damage.

Veneers look beautiful on the front teeth. For the back teeth, dental crowns can rebuild broken or worn teeth. For lesser damage in either the front or the back, dental bonding is a good choice. Bonding can fill in cracks in the teeth or even rebuild them. This is a good option for teeth that are a little smaller than the rest of them. Both crowns and bonding are good options for teeth that have experienced trauma.

Benefits of a smile makeover

Being unhappy with one’s smile can change with the right treatments. A smile makeover can transform one’s teeth and gums in a short period. Getting it from the right dentist can be life-changing. Here are the benefits of a smile makeover:

  • It paves the way to a better career path. A stunning smile can result in more success at work. Studies show that more attractive professionals earn more than those who are not that attractive. Physical beauty includes a pretty smile. A smile makeover may be career-boosting with the right set of treatments.
  • It elevates self-esteem. Dental damage, staining, and misalignment can be a source of negative attention. The individual may not have any choice but to resort to isolation. A smile makeover can remove awkwardness and embarrassment. A person can regain the self-esteem to mingle more and communicate better.
  • It improves dental and general health. Improving or replacing teeth and gums can help correct one’s weak or painful bite and chew. This allows an individual to eat more nutritious foods. A more balanced diet can help strengthen the body and enhance circulation. This makes the immune system more efficient.
  • It results in better speech. A smile makeover can restore a person’s teeth. This allows for better enunciation and pronunciation. Lisping and whistling disappear, resulting in clearer words.
  • It provides a smooth treatment plan. The dentist can create a custom-fit treatment plan capable of addressing the patient’s needs. This plan will also fit the patient’s budget and timeline. An individual who needs teeth whitening and dental damage repair can have at least two smile makeover treatments. Teeth whitening can come first. After this, the veneers, dental bonding, or crowns can follow.

Visit a cosmetic dentist today

Each person’s smile makeover will be different. To find out what types of treatments may work for you, getting a consultation is a good starting place. Whether you want a whole new look or just small improvements, a smile makeover is a good idea. Making over your smile can help you feel good about your personal appearance. Contacting a cosmetic dentist is the first step.

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