If you weren’t sure, endodontics is the practice of dentistry pertaining directly to the nerves in the teeth. There are two common endodontic procedures that you’ve probably heard of: root canals and retreatments.

Root Canals

At Allstar Dental we understand how painful and scary a root canal can be. However with our experienced endodontic specialists, you can feel confident that your tooth is being treated properly. A root canal is the best treatment for an infected tooth. The endodontist will remove the rotting nerves in the root of the tooth, reseal the tooth, and fit the tooth with a crown.


Ninety-five percent of all root canals performed by a licensed endodontist succeed the first time and there are no further issues with that tooth. However, if you’re a part of that unlucky five percent, then retreatment to the tooth is critical. If the tooth has not healed properly or a new infection is plaguing the tooth, talk with us to discuss further treatment options.