If you’re feeling pain in your jaw, don’t despair. The pain doesn’t need to be something you learn to live with; instead, see one of our professionals and get help.

Sleep Apnea

Undergo oral surgery at our clinic to remedy sleep apnea issues such as a narrowed or closed airway. These procedures either remove excess tissue in the back of your throat or brings the jaw forward, both of which will open the airway depending on which condition you face.


TMJ is an abbreviation for your “temporomandibular joint” which is a fancy way to say the point in which your jawbone connects to your skull. It’s crucial for many functions and undergoes constant use from chewing, talking, clenching, biting, and anything else you use your mouth for. If you have headaches, clicking in your jaw, a habit of grinding your teeth, or pain when opening and closing your mouth, then it’s time to come to Allstar Dental and have your TMJ checked out by a professional.

Night Guards

Many adults grind their teeth. It’s easier to remember not to do so during the day; however, if you grind your teeth subconsciously in your sleep, there’s going to be an issue. Grinding wears down and can crack your enamel, causing further problems and increased risks for things like infection. Wearing a night guard is a great way to protect your teeth while you’re dreaming.

Contact Allstar Dental if you are having pain and issues in your jaw.