How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Smile from Allstar Dental in Garden Grove, CAYour cosmetic dentist can help renew your smile. Many people hide dental problems most of their lives. You can avoid this situation with the help of a trained dental health provider. Understanding the ways this is possible can help you decide which procedure can benefit you the most. Here are the details about how a cosmetic dentist can enhance your smile.

Crowns and bridges

A cosmetic dentist can provide dental crowns to patients with severe dental damage from injury or decay. Placing caps or crowns on treated teeth will need proper fitting. Custom crowns can provide strength and protection. They can also improve the appearance of teeth.

Getting these restorations from a cosmetic dentist can help the patient eat, smile, and talk better. Some clinics provide crowns on the same appointment. Others stick to the traditional way, which involves weeks of waiting for the dental lab to finish creating the custom crowns. The cosmetic dentist will need to get a mold of the patient’s teeth. The lab will use the mold to make the caps fit the patient’s treated teeth. Proper care and maintenance can make these restorations last for 15 years.

The patient can also have dental crowns for bridges. The cosmetic dentist can use the natural teeth on the opposite sides of the gap as abutment teeth. The dentist will shape these teeth for the custom crowns that will support the dental bridge. Regular checkups can maintain the health of the abutment teeth. Healthy abutment teeth can keep the crown support stable.

Veneers and bonding

These two dental restorations can correct cracks, chips, and gaps. They can also treat uneven and irregularly shaped teeth. The cosmetic dentist can create a bonding material that can match the color of the patient’s teeth. Repairing the teeth will need one dental appointment. The results can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

Dental veneers are custom-fit restorations. These thin shells will need custom molds. The cosmetic dentist will shave off some enamel from the natural teeth. This will help the shells fit well. The dentist will pain dental cement on the treated teeth. It may take two to three dental visits to complete the veneer treatment.

Teeth whitening

Over time, teeth discolor because of a person’s diet and lifestyle. Consuming colored or sugary drinks and foods, as well as smoking, can stain teeth. Poor dental hygiene also contributes to dental discoloration. A cosmetic dentist can bring back the brightness of one’s smile through professional teeth whitening. This treatment takes almost an hour in the dental clinic. The dentist can adjust the strength of the dental whitening agent without harming the soft tissues of the mouth.

Dental implants

These dental restorations are permanent solutions to tooth loss. The cosmetic dentist will cut through the gum tissue and drill implant holes into the jawbone. The dentist will place titanium rods into these holes and close the gum tissue over the rods by stitching them. This will help the implant site heal.

After about four to six months, the implant site will heal. The cosmetic dentist will cut the top of the implants and install the abutments. The dentist will stitch the gums around them. It will take about two weeks to heal. Then, attaching the dental crowns will be next.

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Your cosmetic dentist can provide the necessary treatments to improve your smile

Over time, gums and teeth deteriorate. Your ability to eat, speak, and smile can change dramatically because of this. Your cosmetic dentist will assess your mouth and recommend ways to enhance it. Working with your cosmetic dentist can help the treatments give lasting results.

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